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Kelly Lawn
Mixed Media
Price on Application

Individual pieces within work

18 cm x 12 cm

“Series of four”
4 x small graphite studies on paper

“Naïve study of the naïve”
Oil pastel on paper
24 cm x 15 cm

“Hands do the talking”
Oil pastel on paper
24 cm x 17 cm

“Impression of the impressionable”
Scanned copy of oil pastel on paper
18 cm x 13 cm

“Imperceptible juvenile”
Dry point etching print, pink ink on white paper
26cm x 19 cm

Curator’s Notes: A poetic piece put together in pieces to form a self portrait, a fragmented time in her life during 2020, she deals with the struggles of life through poetry that transforms into an imprint on paper.

Artist’s Notes
Two years of a dedicated arts practice has been more profoundly healing than a decade of legal processes, or two decades of talk therapy, to make sense of and work to heal the impact that childhood sexual abuse has had on me.
I started with a photograph connecting on emotional level with my four year old self. The process of assembling this series has taken me deeper into witnessing and healing the layers of social stigma, shame and guilt that accompany survivors. Safety is paramount for a person to be able to share what is happening for them. My body decades later often feels unsafe, so to have a physical, embodied outlet, where I can sit with and process complicated emotions, stay present and not over-think, is something I am very grateful for.
My impressionistic and naïve style of drawing is heightened in these works from the emotional charge of the subject matter. Being used to ambiguity, I am comfortable in the abstract.

Kelly Lawn Headshot