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Kelly Lawn
Mixed Media and Lino Print
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50 cm x 36 cm
42 cm x 29 cm

Artist’s Notes

The puzzle pieces refer to segments of information, evidence gathered, the arrangement of them that forms a narrative in a statement, the memories that resurface, the contextualising and ordering of particulars. The space between them speaks to disconnection, isolation, time passing and inaccessible pathways that leads to dead ends. The repetition throughout the series speaks to going over and over particulars with lawyers and government bodies.

Accessible therapeutic outlets and interventions for people struggling with the complex effects of human rights violations are integral to healing the damage.


“Rearrange puzzle pieces, then it will be how it was foretold”

(excerpt from a poem I wrote in 2015)

Linocut print, black ink on white paper


“Paperclips holding excerpts from the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act (1991) protected by a layer of cling wrap, with acrylic painted puzzle pieces arranged in the shape of a confused young girl, on a plastic sheet attached with bulldog clips, stuck to black corflute with sticky tape”
Kelly Lawn Headshot